Catch My Mind Before it Runs Away, by Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble

Good morning goons! Lets unplug and enjoy some laid-back folk, hmm?! Currently gracing my ears is Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble‘s (fantastic group name BTW) latest and possibly first EP Catching My Mind Before it Runs Away. Fronted by Samuel Myers, a singer/songwriting with his own catalogue of tunes, CMMBiRA weighs in at 3 tracks around 12 minutes long. Released November 26th, 2013.

I have to say how pleased I am to be listening to this right now; I must admit I find myself listening to much less straight-forward groups and quite experimental albums, it is a breath of fresh air to get some simple quality songwriting!

A delicious combination of vocals, which carry just enough grit to give it a good dustbowl feeling, along with chiming rhythmic guitars, all tied together with a nice mix of drums and bass. Listed as an outfit of just 2 members, they have done a fantastic job of creating the illusion of a full band on stage.

Though brief, this is a wonderful experience i’d recommend to any music lover. I’ve been sensing a slight folk revival unfolding in the wake of dubstep and the rise of artists like Mumford & Sons, and if RRSE is any example of what can be done with this format and formula, I am all ears for whatever else gets churned out!

Listen/purchase: Catching My Mind Before It Runs Away by Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble

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