Star Map, by Nevhar Anhar and Lost Trail

Here is something rather enjoyable; a split release from Nevhar Anhar and Lost Trail titledSTAR MAP, released via You Are Already Dead (catalogue number YAAD025) on July 17th 2013.


This is a brief EP consisting of 4 songs total, 2 by each contributing artist. Each project presents tracks varying in length and style, though remaining quite psychedelic and experimental. The theme is excellent, described as “dark, weird and beautiful” it is lush with organic sounds and plucked melodies.

The first artist to take the stage is Nevhar Anhar, kicking off with a catchy yet brief quip of psych, pairing fuzzed out strumming with distant and haunting vocals, then the project takes a quick turn into the second (much longer at 13+ minutes) track. This piece is a sparse composition of floating tones and a begging melodic line essentially leading you on your journey further down the mysterious hole…

Following would be 2 tracks by drone specialists Lost Trail; I recently found myself exploring the duo’s webpage and soundcloud, which both hold a wealth of wonderful work I encourage all to explore. Anyways, the first piece titled “Urban Renewal” is a quick portrait of a clash, tones swirling to produce an organic swell battling against oppressive mechanics. A subtle track, which is carried onto the next and final track, also which might happen to be my favorite from the whole EP.

Track 4 is a beautifully composed ambient dreamscape, perfectly portraying the EP’s general concept of Dark yet Peaceful nighttime wonders in the sky. One feels drifting in the deepness of space, yet at ease in the same moment. The track begins to lul the listener asleep to this ecstatic relaxation, then, like coming down from a brief star journey abord an airline, we are awarded a brief announcement before our adventure comes to an end…

All in all, Star Map EP is a brilliant effort, guaranteed to put you in a pleasant place. You can stream and download the release via bandcamp.

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