Single Room Occupant, by Curt Crachrach

Tonight I am sitting down to listen to and enjoy (ideally!) the newest release from the crew at Ailanthus Recordings (A Living Room Vision), SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANT by Curt Crackrach.


This album is coined as a collection of tracks which did not make the cut for the outfits upcoming LP titled Customer. That makes this essentially a B-sides album, which to some people might be a turn off, however it excites me! After taking a listen through, if these are the outtakes, I cannot wait to hear what the proper LP contains…

The overall vibe of this release has a washed out casio feeling; muddy highs and lows being squeezed thru tapes and crummy plastic headphones. Reminiscent of computer chiptunes and skweee experiments, lighthearted synthesizers accompanied by plastic beats pepper the musical landscape. Theres also some wonderful and interesting sample work throughout the album.

So Single Room Occupant’s 14 tracks weigh in just under 50 minutes, a fantastic length, and not one second is wasted from the colorful creativity of this project. As I listened through this album, I found myself very excited and eager to hear what the following track would have to offer. Interesting instruments? Guitar riffs? What kind of strange song will be chopped and screwed in an interesting way into this track? This should be a clue into the diverse vibes found within this release. Reaching its roots in punk, 80’s minimal and no-wave, as well as early pioneering electronic beats such as included keyboard grooves, the range of energy and musical collage thats demonstrated in this release is wonderful and unique.

The grooves are rich and the melodies are off-kilter and attention grabbing. Tracks like “DANNY STEREO” are simply addicting, with the pulsing drum beat, funk disco-era guitar riff and haunting synths floating around the mix. Its tracks like this that show the diversity in moods and styles that seep through this album.

Okay now I am becoming long-winded. I suppose at this point I will simply say it would be in your best creative interest to take a listen to this album and see what you think about it. Personally, I love it and it will see heavy rotation in the coming weeks/months!


One thought on “Single Room Occupant, by Curt Crachrach

  1. Thanks a Lot.. here’s a track that will be on “Customer”.. which was shelved in a micro label war/change.. so I’m lookig for someone to release it physically again. It has a host of really great collaborators so I don’t want to just put it up on a Bandcamp…Curt

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