Sea of Love, by Virtual Dream Plaza


In True-Typical Virtual Dream Plaza fashion, we have a wonderful extended play right here in the form of Sea of Love. A washed out melodic dreamscape, as usual it is easy to get lost in the sounds after half an hour passes by! If you are digging this one, be sure to take advantage of Virtual Dream Plaza’s discography sale, right now you can download over 60 albums for under 7 DOLLARS!

Released June 3rd, 2016

Virtual Dream Plaza


Towards the end of June, Virtual Dream Plaza released a triple-threat of longform vapor ambience. The 3 tracks were released individually via Bandcamp, each one measuring in just above half an hour in length. “I Need You”, “Girls Dream Of” and “You and I Forever” each float their way through emotional vaporscapes, wandering around for what seems like ages.


You can visit the bandcamp pages to stream the projects, or alternatively they are available to download via external links.