Music In The Garden, by Magic Arrows

Lazy Sunday morning, sitting back with my cup of coffee, currently browsing through the Illuminated Paths bandcamp. Taking a brief look this morning at Music In The Garden BONUS CD-R by Magic Arrows.


Music In The Garden is a Audio//Visual project from ambient producer Magic Arrows. The focus of the project is on the DVD available via Illuminated Paths, with this Bonus CD being included with the DVD package or purchased stand-alone. As for the music, it is gorgeous and melancholic. 6 tracks give us a glimpse into what did not make the cut for the album, and its still breathtakingly mellow and beautiful. A subtle mix of electronic and acoustic makes for a nice mood-setting soundtrack for relaxing evenings or cheerful afternoons!

You can grab the full-length album via Earstroke Records, or follow the links above for the visual side of the project!

Magic arrows dvd only album ‘Music in the Garden’!

Complete with full videos for each track, including a dvd only vid and bonus deleted cuts by broken machine films! The package comes with the full dvd in garden green case, exclusive garden/nature picture slides from the early 80s taken by Jack Rogers, a DVD only bonus cd of deleted material from the ‘music in the garden’ sessions and artwork by Luke Hazzard and Scott Beschti. Limited to 25.

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