Kind Forest EP, by Alexia Avina

Sipping some coffee this monday morning, having some wonderfully peaceful music swim around my head courtesy of Alexia Avina and her debut EP, Kind Forest.



Kind Forest is a brief, 4 track EP from singer/songwriter Alexia Avina. I am told this is a first project from this artist, making it even more precious and impressive! This whole release flutters around like a fragile lullaby, guided by Alexia’s soothing vocals, tenderly plucked strings and delicate percussion. The result is something both dreamy and concrete; soaked with surreal tones yet feet firmly planted in solid production. Nothing is too washed out with reverb, making it easy to pick out individual instruments and sounds.

Spinning together vibrations of freak-folk and dream-pop, Alexia Avina creates a nice little niche sound to explore through these 4 tracks. In terms of structure, this EP is bracketed by more traditional fare, with the more ambient and experimental pieces tucked in the middle. The star of the show this time around has got to be track 4 “Bedrooms”, with its incredibly satisfying chord progression, this is an absolute perfect summertime chilling song.

As is the case with shorter EP’s of this nature, my only complaint is that I am left wanting more! I cannot fuss too much because this is a stellar first impression from Montreal artist Alexia Avina, a wonderful first step. I did feel myself wanting, or needing, a little more of this vibe. I feel like the style of having ambient/instrumental songs peppered amongst developed tracks would be a perfect formula for a full-length release. Therefore as I always say, go enjoy this EP yourself and lets all wait patiently for the next piece of work from Alexia Avina!

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