New Spreading Roots ya’ll!


Please enjoy this mix of tracks from the first half of May, 2014.

Eternity Tree is a multimedia project of Christopher Hoffmann Jacob, consisting of musical creation and curation, culture, design and art. SPREADING ROOTS began in 2013 as a blog featuring an endless list of musical recommendations, reviews, write-ups and visuals. In 2014, SPREADING ROOTS began a series of bi-monthly mixes featuring up and coming artists + producers. Good music makes the cut, genres are bent and re-defined, and wonderful energy gets a chance to present itself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Be sure to stay in touch with ETERNITY•TREE for new mixes as well as plenty of other content.

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This playlist contains 25 tracks, total time: 1.33.43


1. ra (SOLAR) – . spacedtime .
2. Fog – Eli Colburn s
3. Broken Hearts – XED
4. Eternal Sunshine (w/ A Sol Mechanic) – Harris Cole
5. spacejam – Lewpz
6. Nights of Pleasure – MIDNIGHT RUNNERS
7. Today – Aurélius
8. 93 (I Remember) – DEEPER KIND
9. Metallic Clouds – allegiance
10. Pitter – varsee
11. Zeitgeist – Kid HNRK
12. NaNa – Trippy Turtle
13. Cosmic Unicorn Confederacy – Carnivalé
14. Day 5 (Location Unknown) – QuasiQool
15. Daylight Lady – STERT
16. milkbubbles – froyo ma
17. SOM – Defled
18. ILWY – Summer Occasion
19. Thoughtforms – Dawn Safari
20. Liquid Limo – Marcus Eads
21. G A W D – yng sad悲しい若い
22. Welcome to Blade World – Two Hawkes
23. Hollow – L e w
24. Old Memories – CepheusGrey

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