First Light, by Inner Travels

Sitting back this evening and I am relaxing with this  latest release from Inner Travels titled First Light, released late March 2014.

This is a great collection of relaxing ambient music. I began to write some of my thoughts down while listening to “First Light” a few nights in a row, finding myself lulled to sleep by the lethargic synth swells. Turning to a different approach, I am now enjoying this album first thing in the morning, something that might be more well suited for an album with such a title.

“First Light” is ten tracks of spiritual drone and electronic ambience, all tracks bearing the same title of First Light differentiated by Parts 1-10. Tags on the albums bandcamp page boast “New Age” as well as “Meditation”, and I have to say this project qualifies as both. This tape could sit comfortably amongst my Mark Isham collection for relaxing contemplation, not to mention becoming one of my new favorite go-to sleep inducers!

Each track seems to glitter like the morning light hitting a still pond, notes hanging about languidly in the early haze. The kind of music to close your eyes to.

On a whole the work is consistent, and a great length for a even better price. Perhaps listening to this will inspire some inner travels of your own! If you act quickly, you can rush over to the labels website and grab a copy of the cassette, although at the time of posting this there are only 6 more tapes available, so you might want to act fast if getting a physical copy is priority! Otherwise the album is available for download at the original bandcamp.

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