Manifest EP, by Spacedtime

This morning I am enjoying some new work from UK producer SPACEDTIME, specifically his latest EP, Manifest. Released March 16th, 2014, this 5 track EP features some truly spaced out and groovy beats with fantastic production quality!

Spacedtime is a 22 year old producer who has been cooking up beats for quite a few years. My first exposure to this individuals work was through his previous music-making moniker, bit1. Under this guise he released 4 or 5 projects worth of beats, all flowing seamlessly with a delicate lo-fi vibe. His 2010 EP’s series served as great inspiration for my own beat making, and I frequently re-visit these releases for the timeless melodies and addicting energy.

Just like all good things, bit1 did not die, but evolve! Reaching into 2013 came the SPACES LP as well as the timepassing EP, both fantastic projects that wet my thirst for more of this fellas music! I was pleasantly surprised to find him still cooking up goodies and developing his craft. Having already released VOYAGE, the Manifest EP seems more focused on a very spiritual side of beat making.

Manifest EP is a beautiful little chunk of gritty, jazzy beats with a spectacular attention to detail, which provides endless re-listening value as every time you hear something new! The mixes, at the same time dense with tone and static, are very sparsly layered with beautiful instrumentation. Clattering drum hits, glistening piano runs and thumping bass, it all sits perfectly in the track together creating a bubble of energy and thought. The EP is sprinkled with uplifting vocal samples focusing on love and spirituality, giving the whole project an aire of wonder and mystic visions.

Personal favorite tracks would have to be reality and good to be home, some really mellow tracks with simply gorgeous instrumentation. The kind of tracks that completely relax me upon hearing the rhythms and melodies. I am very pleased with this EP, and I think you will be too! A frequent comment of mine on EP’s is that I wish the artist/producer/band spent more time developing the ideas into a full-length album, but I cannot even have that gripe with this release. The body of work Spacedtime puts out allows for brief ideas to be peppered amongst the full length projects. The Manifest EP is a great example of how to properly craft and release an EP, not too much but not too little, focused and fun!

You can listen/download the album (as well as his back catalog) via Spacedtime’s bandcamp page!

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