Spreading Roots now on Ingrown Radio!

Eternity Tree is incredibly happy to announce the return of SPREADING ROOTS

Spreading Roots is a mix series curated by Eternity Tree, originally launched almost a decade ago, returning now to a new home on the amazing Ingrown Radio! We are super excited about this new partnership with Ingrown Records, so much that we’re already getting cozy with our first mix!

You can look forward to a new mix each month, highlighting some of our favorite music – from experimental electronics to deep house, vaporwave, ambient and much more….

For listeners – this means you get a cute monthly package to start exploring new sounds, whether it leads back to our blog posts or simply diving deeper into the featured artists discographies! For artists – the mix is another opportunity to promote your music to a wider audience beyond the website!

Read on for a complete tracklist with bandcamp links for each song!

Alternatively to Mixcloud, you can now listen and explore via BNDCMPR

Spreading Roots is a Mix Series Presented by Ingrown Records

Songs selected and mixed by Eternity Tree’s Christopher Hoffmann Jacob (A.K.A. Ohsaurus)

Christopher’s Links – Website  Label  Twitter

Eternity Tree – EternityTree.net  Twitter


  1. Lan° – Contact


  1. CDX – Lloyd’s Long Night


  1. Sloe – Absorb


  1. Mild Sorrow Integrated – Haze


  1. CLOUDWARMER – Still Feral, Last Chance to Evacuate


  1. CTRL 94 – Meteor Shower


  1. Elastic Colors – Several Things to Say


  1. hyacinth. – tierra del mar


  1. lokik – aether_


  1. Tektra – Camo


  1. Donovan Hikaru – Slums of Wall Street


  1. Tribe x CHOP! – ディスカウントDANCEGIRL


  1. CLOUDWARMER – No Vaccine For Debt, Does Anyone Think Global Warming Is A Good Thing


  1. S O A R E R – Eve


  1. CTRL 94 – Loading Dock


  1. S O A R E R – Holograms in My Mind


  1. KID MANIA – Exit


  1. Tribe x CHOP! – MECHANIQUE


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