Fresh Batch – August 19th 2019


Now that we are back from a brief vacation and the dust has settled, it’s time to check out what’s been happening in the underground lately! No muss, no fuss, straight into the sounds…


8/23 – Lion Cuts by CDX (Doom Trip Records) – Synthwave 
8/23 – Abstractions by Untitledcloud (Tehnofonika Records) – Dub Techno
8/30 – By The River, by Valotihkuu (Hidden Vibes)


Virtua City Airport, by V ▲ P Y D
Self Released
Late Night Lofi / Eccojams / Vaporwave

Ursa Minor, by Your Dark Nate
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Outsider Ambient / Future Funk

Summer’s Emotions, by Glory Patriot
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Mallsoft / Vaporwave / Plunderphonics

New World, by Luurel Varas
Released by Crash Symbols
Beats / Hip-Hop Instrumentals / Psychedelic

低い, by ~sohee
Released by Genjitsu Stargazing Society
Beat Tape / Lofi / Indie

ECCOJOINTS 2 _ CLONED P​.​I​.​M​.​P. , by o.s.░clone
Released by Illuminated Paths
Cloud Rap / Futurewave / Hip Hop

Wizard, by Neurolucifer
Released by New World.
Experimental / Lush / Synthwave

姦淫と死 Adultery&Execution, by 生須芳英 Yoshihide Namasu
Released by Engram Recordings
Experimental / Noise / Sound Art

Eccocyclus, by Steffi Starshine
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Drone / Outsider Ambient / Meditation

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