Fresh Batch – July 29th 2019


We’re late we’re late, for a very important date! Such large apologies for our Fresh Batch delay – some sudden situations got in the way – but we got there in the end!

Its a hearty one this time, get your largest soup spoons out for maximum sonic shoveling! Wander down our healthy list of suggestions, lots of great new vaporwave and experimental electronics happening this past week, and these are just a few highlights…


8/2 – Plateau by Outside the Glitch (Wormhole World) Experimental Ambient
8/8 – Aeon by Arovane & Mike Lazarev (eilean rec.) Modern Classical
8/9 – Rituals by Corre (Henry Green Music) – Indie Ambient
8/23 – Lion Cuts by CDX (Doom Trip Records) – Synthwave


Amphibious, by Manila Ice
Released by BOGUS // Collective
Vaporwave / Post-Seapunk / Experimental

L O V E S I C K, by Oracle FM
Released by Gulf Audio Company
Vaporwave / Vaporfunk / Electronic

Voyeur, by Lust Luxure
Released by Seikomart
Lo-fi / Vaporwave / Downtempo

Halcyon Days, by 4T Thieves
Released by Illuminated Paths
Electronic / Chillwave / Experimental

Geo Rip @ Rhizome 7.5.19
Released by U-Udios
Experimental / Techno / Live

of flame & love, by LILLITH twin
Released by Dream Catalogue
Experimental / Electronic / Avant-Garde

Nectarine, by Dublock
Self Released
Ambient / Electronic / Longform

Kaleidoscopic Perception, by Steffi Starshine
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Vapordrone / Dark Ambient / Psychedelic


Our Label branch – WEBELOTRAX – recently released projects:

For Seasons, by vvglyy
Techno / Acid / Experimental Electronics

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