FRESH BATCH – June 17th 2019


Happy Monday music fans! Back with a fresh batch of recently released sonic goodness. Lots of great sounds coming out this past week from some favorite labels. Won’t bog you down with too much talk this time, dive in and enjoy the tunes!

Fragments, by default.cfg
Released by Bogus Collective and Eternal Vibes
Experimental / Post-Internet / Vaporwave

E C C O J O I N T S, by o.s.░clan
Released by Illuminated Paths
Vaporwave / Hip Hop / Experimental

Tatlo, by Imelda Marcos
Released by Already Dead Tapes
Experimental / Prog / Math Rock

The Work of Morrow, by Jeffrey Holmes
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Beats / Lofi / Vaporwave

Generations, by Anarchist Mountains
Released by Lotano Series/Rhos! Records
Ambient / Experimental / Drone

The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging, by M.A.S.S.
Released by Tomorrow Entertainment Records
Avant Garde / Noise / Drone

Mary Jane, by Capitalist1991
Released by Bogus Collective 
Vaporwave / Retro / Midiwave

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