Pulse Dive, by 36

Really enjoying this fresh ambient release this morning! PULSE DIVE by 36…

36 (pronounced three-six) is the ambient music project of UK’s Dennis Huddleston, whom I discovered via his summer 2014 release DREAM TEMPEST, a fantastic full-length ambient album that has been spinning constantly for the past couple months. So it came time to check in on 36 and see if he has been up to anything new, and sure enough I have been treated to a fresh 4-track EP titled Pulse Dive, released January 15th, 2015.

Each of the tracks (track 4 being a re-work of track 2) provides a unique and welcome juxtaposition to those around it. The title track features a rhythmic flow that injects a ton of energy into an otherwise ethereal soundscape, only to be followed by Stasis Eject, which can only be described as pure musical warmth and comfort. The darks contrast the lights perfectly in this little EP, making each track distinct but also cohesive in a very emotional way.

Pulse Dive was released via Digital/Vinyl formats, but it would appear to be too late to puck up an LP, so head on over to the bandcamp to grab a download, or cross your fingers they will give this one a re-pressing since it sold out so quick! Also, be sure to read Dennis Huddlestons explanations for his tracks and their origins on this bandcamp album page. Highly recommended listen if you are reading or studying. =

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