After, by Nyetscape

Okay okay, I am a big fan of this cat and his output, but lets take this one from the top nice and fresh. 


After”, by Nyetscape, is an impressive record. From the beginning the listener is lulled into a sense of security and comfort with flowery synths and natural noises, spreading to more diverse territories with washed out beats and incredibly luscious melodies. 

The tracks themselves are but mere snippits into a very pixilated dream-world, weighing in at 2-3 minutes each; the 14 tracks spell out a true journey in every sense of the word… bringing familiar vibes to the table reminiscent of retro ambient/experimental, or the more risky side of The Flaming Lips? Whatever the direction “After” tries to steer you, it does so with incredible ease and creativity. 

Tracks like “SOFT MIND” and “Remember” harken to the likes of Vaporwave styles, yet maintains a distinct flavor of something altogether different. Most songs having some as-semblance of vocals whether pitched elsewhere or cleverly hidden in the mix, giving the whole release this ethereal quality of meandering thru empty plazas in some sort of peaceful post-apocalyptic suburb.

Start to finish, this album contains some seriously splendid ideas, cleverly executed to paint a truly abstract portrait of some bizarre American dream. My only wish is that the dream lasted longer…. ❤

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