Twilight Magnum, by Magenta Room

New from the family at Vivarium Recordings is a stellar new effort from Gareth Sloan (Halogen Star) via a new moniker Magenta Room. Lots going on in this record – holding steady to his past output, there are seriously infectious melodies and licks happening. There is also an overarching mellowness to the record – a sense of comfort and ease – making the album an almost meditative and healing experience.

Tracks like Northern Skies are simply lush beyond imagination – with big retro vibes harkening back to the best offerings from Windham Hill to touches of Eno and Emerald Web. Supremely satisfying and easy to listen to while also being rewarding to investigate deeper. If you find yourself digging it, definitely check out Gareth’s efforts under his Halogen Star moniker – a different shade of Magenta….