Fresh from the Seikomart gang is SOUND SYSTEM 9 by MISE – a self proclaimed Vaportrap album with heavy flavors of video game soundtracks. Melodic riffs are as enticing as the huge 808 drums, tuned kicks flying around with a flurry of hi-hats. There’s nice variety on the album too, not sticking to traditional *trap* patterns for every track – instead opting to hop around the vaporspace while also taking cues from chiptune realms and deep house.

The overall style manages to remain playful and lighthearted even when the biggest percussion is slapping – juxtaposed with joyful synths plucking around the atmosphere. Tracks can get quite wonky at times, with detuned bass occasionally clashing with melodies and harmonies, however it all really adds to the charm – taking on a whole new destroyed club partyboi vibe that I personally really dig. FASTBOOT is a great example of this style. Very excited to hear more from this producer…

Hearth, by Martin Goodwin


Another blissful EP brought to us by Silent Season Records, Martin Goodwin presents Hearth, a wholesome collection of ambient techno.

The album came along after a trip in east Europe (Bulgaria and Romania) I was inspired by beautiful landscapes and a few moments that blew me away. The project “Onkalo” I’m doing on the side with a group of friends is exploring some ideas, one of them being a visitor coming from space and walking around a deserted earth.

I wanted to illustrate this idea of loneliness which is something we can all experience in our daily life. I personally need that time to think and break from society, go deeper within and explore the endless possibilities of the mind. I hope the music can bring a glimpse of that experience to the listeners.

– Martin Goodwin

released June 8, 2017

Written & produced by Martin Goodwin (France).

Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at EnissLab Mastering Studio