Colorless Blood, by Lost Phosphor

Colorless Blood is an abstract and contemplative experimental electronic album from Ukrainian producer Lost Phosphor, self released on May 17th 2023.

The 7 track project has a unique tone to it – unbridled creativity nested in avant-garde structure with a healthy sprinkle of dissonance.

Much of the project feels refreshingly free-form, with a distinct absence of grooves in favor of surprisingly pleasant rigidity. Percussion, strings and pianos plink and plonk steadily along the timeline, evoking luminescent patches of wilderness and soggy villages in the dead of night.

Though mostly instrumental, the final track Resurrection takes the steam built up from the previous tracks and channels it into a dubby-techno jam complete with vocals and hard hitting drums.

You can Download/Stream the album via Bandcamp now! Downloads are available at name-your-own-price which is awfully generous – go show some support!

happyscanner EP, by Online Tropics

Surreal post-pop presented by PEDICURE RECORDS – we have the happyscanner EP by Online Tropics – a collection of 3 crunchy and glossy experimental tracks.

The sounds conjure unique images – luminescent vacant plazas, sterile and glistening under an alien sun.

You could call these sounds deconstructed, as we find Online Tropics using an interesting stripped-down and segmented writing style. Leaning towards minimalism even at its most complex….

Almost robotic vocals pepper the tracks, lending to the interesting flavor. First oddly satisfying, eventually addicting. A very nice listen!