20/20 Hindsight, by Plukx Vitamite

Fresh madness from MEGATAPE RECORDS – let’s take a look at 20/20 Hindsight by Plukx Vitamite, a breakcore journey soaked in energy and intelligence.

20/20 Hindsight is at times manic, like the best IDM is – and as with many of my favorite producers of this genre, Plukx Vitamite finds wonderful ways to twist the gnarly waveforms into perfectly chopped and syncopated madness. Tracks like The World Turns Red take a beautiful maximal approach to braindance, seamlessly flowing between distinct rhythms and flavors – synthesizers ripping and soaring back and forth, cradled by the spastic percussion riffs.

Sometimes more pure speedcore and gabber can really throw me through a loop, especially if it’s fragmented and disconnected. Even amidst the most furious breakbeats and shredded samples, 20/20 Hindsight finds that magical zone of “high-speed-flow” that is commonly found in electronic music 170-240bpm and beyond – resulting in an extremely groovy breakcore experience.

You can pick up 20/20 Hindsight on Cassette or Digital via Megatape Records bandcamp page

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