Souls of the Disconnect of the Souls, by Darren j Holloway

Delicious improvisational post-rock from Darren j HollowaySouls of the disconnect of the soulS is a mini-album of dark atmospheric drones that are expansive and satisfying.

Originally recorded in 2020, the 4 tracks are an interesting listen – where we find Darren meditating on sound-waves, harnessing the power of fuzzy guitars and lush synthetic pads. A mysteriously dark yet glittery ambiance is conjured, especially apparent in the opening track – as the listener is guided through over 10 minutes of twisted gnarly trails into the unknown…

The second track, bearing the projects name, proves to be brief with a more playful and rhythmic quality. The zipping tone of the guitar slaps it’s way through the mix, cutting firmly against the ringing round synthesizer sounds.

Raise Your Eyes is probably my favorite from the album, with it’s dusty radio quality juxtaposing orchestral harmonies. It flickers and floats around between tonal and textural satisfaction – resulting in a unique breathing sensation build upon a modern-classical foundation.

The closing epic Silverhead is a dark and lovely journey back to the surface – nearly 12 minutes in length, we are slowly pulled out of the strange beyond. You feel as if you are about to wake from your dreaming state – but suddenly you are dropped back in – cascading yet again into the depths…

SotdotS is a lush and honest composition, giving the listener enough room to interpret and explore while remaining potent in its presentation and execution.

The album is available now with a limited-edition cassette tape run via HREA’M Recordings in addition to the digital version.

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