Super Glue, by Eternity Hotline

Warped and destroyed acid electronica sounds from Eternity Hotline, brought to us by Sacramento’s Outer Grid Records.

I personally dove into this one not knowing what to expect. I am not familiar with Outer Grid Records, but I can say for sure that I am a fan now! Same goes for Eternity Hotline (not to be biased, but we love all things Eternity here…) – a producer I was not aware of at all, but I am deeply impressed and energized by this release, Super Glue.

Super Glue is like a bigass plastic cup you use for your favorite drink, full to the absolute brim with those delicious juices. You grab the cup and dance around like some kind of mad being, somehow not spilling a single drop! FEARLESS! That is the takeaway here!

Imagine that you could swirl all the inspirational sounds of your life together – with no fear of structure or acceptance – releasing creation into the childlike realm of the mind and letting it run free with paint on its fingers. In an age where we are so bogged down with genres and pigeon-holing ourselves into public acceptance – it’s refreshing to hear creations stripped of such rigid rules and classifications in favor of a more open and fluid exploration process…

As I mentioned above, one of the biggest reasons this release stood out to me was the sheer fearlessness of it all. It’s playful, experimental, and most importantly fun. I found myself sitting back with a huge smile on my face several time throughout my listening sessions, discovering hidden gems deep within the tracks. Super Glue accomplishes what I feel a lot of experimental projects set out for, but come up just shy – fusing together the perfect hybrid of truly interesting sounds and structure with an atmosphere of welcome playfulness. It makes what might be considered a very abstract project quite approachable and listenable.

I will definitely be returning to this one in the future for repeat listens, and now that I am hip to their creations I will be keeping a keen eye on both Eternity Hotline‘s output as well as what Outer Grid Records has to offer! If you like what you hear give them a follow over on bandcamp and support if you can, digital and cassette editions available now.

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