Buzzy Linhart Loves You

On February 13th, 2020, the music died. Buzzy Linhart, aged 76 passed away. He was a beautiful genius. A guiding light of love in an otherwise undeserving world. This isn’t an obituary in the slightest, I’ll leave that to the professionals. I more so wanted to write about my experience listening to his music, which means a lot to me. For the uninformed there are plenty of things that can trace you back to Buzzy. His most famous song is all about the people you care the most about “Friends”. Bette Midler did a version of this track on her debut “The Divine Miss M”. Even Donkey from Shrek sings it when meeting his new best buddy. Carly Simon has a version of my personal favorite “The Loves Still Growing” on her debut album as well. Buzzy’s played with Jimi Hendrix and is even beloved by Howard Stern. His first release was with his band Seventh Sons on legendary psych label ESP. You may know them for releasing the new Painted Faces LP. 

I first heard Buzzy Linhart after purchasing “Pussycats Can Go Far” at my local record store. I bought it for the Alice in Wonderland style artwork and goofy looking character pictured on the back. That goofball turned out to be a musician who would forever change my outlook on creating music. From the moment I heard “Shoo That Fly” I knew I’d be going back to Positively Records and buying every Buzzy Linhart album they had. I’m proud to own every LP he’s released. Buzzy told us all “The Time to Live is Now” and you’re god damn right I listened. Buzzy Linhart is Music. He’s a love for creativity personified. 

Through sampling his work, I was lucky enough to meet his son Xeno who found me on SoundCloud. Xeno told me about how Pussycats Can Go Far was written about him. I learned that Buzzy was the real deal. He practiced what he preached in his songs. I told him that I put Buzzy right up there with my musical hero Frank Zappa. Buzzy wrote about heaven, he wrote about love, he was a poet in the least pretentious way. We should all be like Buzzy and enjoy the madness. 

Anyways listen to some Buzzy Linhart today because the loves still growing, and always will. Buzzy Linhart loves you. 

“The Time To Live Is Now” by Buzzy Linhart

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