Fresh Batch – September 15th, 2019


Wowie zowie! Welcome to the Fresh Batch!!! A (NOW) twice-a-month gathering of underground sounds! A slew of excellence released the past few weeks, and a couple upcoming albums worth getting excited about.


9/20 – Goliath’s Twin, by Thugwidow (DISPLAY) Atmospheric Breaks
9/24 – Visions in Paraíso, by Lionmilk (Self Released) Experimental Beats
10/1 – At The Speed Of Love, by Voiski (Self Released) Post-Rave
10/4 – Reflecting on a Dying Man, by Diamondstein (Doom Trip) Progressive Electronic
10/18 – Trillium Killer, by Foxes in Fiction (Orchid Tapes) Experimental Pop


熱帯 W A V E パラダイス, by パラ D A I S U シ
Released by Illuminated Paths (Cassette) + B O G U S // Collective (Digital)
Late Night Lofi / Vaporwave / Vaporfunk

2085, by s t e f
Released by B O G U S // Collective
Vapor Trap / Post Vaporwave / Experimental

Friends EP, by PowerPCME
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Future Funk / Plunderphonics

21450 [PSANG Tales Vol. 2], by ViLN
Released by Pomme Sanguine
Acid / Braindance / Experimental Electronic

Sensory Reception, by Audioglider and Xspance
Released by Section Records
Synthwave / Downtempo / Electronica

S133P, by Jacob Ewert
Self Released
Downtempo / Ambient Jazz / Progressive

Drift, by Jon Shuemaker
Self Released
Minimal Jazz / Ambient / Electronic

Showdown at Roadkill Ranch, by Karolina Kathy
Released by Fireflower Foundation
Tumblewave / Dark Ambient / Post Vaporwave

No Control, by Adrian Alice
Released by KX
Dark Ambient / Atmospheric / Drone

Dialogue Between Soul and Body EP, by Amanita Phalloides & Heavenchord
Released by secretdomain
Ambient / Field Recording / Atmospheric

Thispossesed, by Whalt Thisney
Released by Girly Girl Musik
Melodic / Ambient / Piano

The Fortean Project – Phase Two, by Cousin Silas & Kevin Lyons
Released by Weareallghosts
Atmospheric / Ambient / Experimental

Mind Matter, by Stormhat
Released by Sensorisk Verden
Sound Experiments / Drone / Experimental Electronic

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