Fresh Batch – September 4th, 2019


Happy September music-lovers, and oh what a season it has been – seeing some independent labels closing their doors which is always sad, but it’s incredibly exciting to see brand new movements propelling forward! October is shaping up to be quite a legendary month, but let’s some recent highlights before we get ahed of ourselves….


9/9 – Grimace, by 9t Antiope (eilean rec.) Electroacoustic
9/13 – Mountains Of Powerless, by Sgt Elyas (Wormhole World) Experimental
9/15 – Second Instinct, by Billy Turner (Edit Select) Techno


Caribbean Ghost (Re-Release), by Pangea Sonido
Released by Eternal Vibes
Post-Vaporwave / Experimental / Latinwave

CHAPTER TWO, by Thump Connect
Released by Illuminated Paths
Beats / Lofi / Abstract Hip-Hop

Late Nite WiFi, by V ▲ P Y D
Released by B O G U S // Collective
Vaporfunk / Eccojams / Vaporwave

Released by Vacuum Noise Records
Vaporwave / Downtempo / Chillwave

Rain Incoming, by F-F-Forecast!
Released by DMT Tapes FL
Vaporwave / Plunderphonics / Mallsoft

VHC​-​48009​-​1, by Diskette Park
Self Released
Plunderphonics / Signalwave / Post Vaporwave

float, by Cyparissus
Self Released
Ambient / Drone / Experimental


L’effondrement des Étoiles, by Le Grand Salon
Modern Classical / Dark Ambient / Electroacoustic

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