The Happiness Cage, by Engram Recordings


Engram Recordings (Berlin, Germany) burst onto the scene at the end of March this year, treating us to a 20-track compilation project of lush drone experimentation.

The Happiness Cage itself is a massive sound collage, focused around a central swirling ball of noisy energy that permeates outward through the participants – each harnessing and interpreting it in their own unique ways.

The bulk of the release meanders through experimental ambient sound art. Some producers take a more rhythmic approach, while others harness harsh white noise cast into the void. It all lends itself to the feeling that Engram Recordings is proudly experimental in nature.

As I enjoyed this collection of songs over the past month, a few have stood out and become favorites, such as doktorb – Konnektiv Hellscaep , ░▒▓█₳§ᗐM̶R̳█▓▒░ – Mixed Reality and Shalyzer – Squeezing Speech . The only time I found myself not immersed in enjoyment was the track Rudolf – Blä , which seems more like a ASMR endurance test than anything, but I will chock that up to personal taste! The overall vibe of the compilation is pure quality abstraction, and an interesting and rewarding listen!

Since the compilation has dropped, Engram Recordings have also released a 6-track EP from Japanese experimental composer ysk – and it appears more goodies are incoming, so give them a follow + stay tuned!


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