Odds and Ends

Before they are lost to the sands of time, here are a few enjoyable listens that were released a few months ago…

From Infinity to Here – by Soular Order

Released October 8th 2018 – City By Night (UK)

Colossal and beautiful ambient works from Soular Order – very lush and relaxing soundscapes with just the right hint of melancholy wonder. Perfect for rainy nights and reflection.

Saturday Drones – by Spheruleus

Released October 6th 2018 – Self Released

Looking for a brief blissful escape from the real world? May I recommend Saturday Drones – a longform ambient track by producer Spheruleus – highly recommended headphone listen!

Jellyfish – by Ohm-N-I

Released September 21, 2018 – Legendary Entertainment

Fascinating and satisfying abstract electronics with just the right amount of vapor flavor – aquatic and mystical….

A Life Between Music & Science EP – by TxOne

Released October 8th 2018 – Hello Strange

Lush and expansive dub-techno bridging the gaps between deep house and ambient stylings, stretched carefully across 5 beautiful tracks.

IV – by mgxu

Released October 7th 2018 – DMT Tapes


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