Whatever You Want On The Dry Way, by Bodyverse


Fresh from Berlins rhos! records is Whatever You Want On The Dry Way, by ambient composer Bodyverse. 20 tracks of truly captivating, freeform ambience.

#cat: ROHS!023CD

In the name of love
nothing can stop you,
if the purpose is your freedom
and the freedom of your land.

First full length electronic ambient album by the Venetian Berlin based-artist, multi-instrumentalist singer and electroacoustic music composer Bodyverse.

Inspired by the natural process of sounds and electricity, this album it’s a contrast between analog & modular modeling sounds, voice and classic instruments.

released April 27, 2017

W&P and mixed by Bodyverse
Artwork by Andy B
Mastered by Daniel Nicoluzzi
Copyright © 2017 ROHS! RECORDS, All Rights Reserved

Download now or grab a CD copy via Bandcamp.

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