Dialog Tapes, by eilean rec.


Dialog Tapes is a project from Frances eilean rec. and Belgian Label dauw. The album contains 14 tracks (7 tracks released per label) by artists from both families. Unique in both concept and sound, the sheer number of artists involved guarantees exploration of all ambient styles. Both lush electronics and graceful acoustics flourish from one track to the next, creating a nice atmosphere that has a constant of relaxation. I have long been a fan of the eilean rec series, and this hybrid-project certainly does not disappoint!

You can download the album now via either labels Bandcamp pages, both have sold-out of the CD/Tape versions though, so we must keep our fingers crossed for a re-press!!

Favorite Track: 5. Twincities + Sokkyō – Straw Bird


Date : 09.09.15
Map point : eilean 15
Color : orange / brown / yellow
Season : autumn
Duration : 42.02 mn
Edition : limited to 120 copies


“Dialog Tapes is a blend between Eilean Rec. & Dauw in which we linked artists of both labels. It’s the result of true love for each other works. We hope you enjoy this little treasure.”

One year ago, eilean rec. came to Dauw to propose to them if they would be interested in a collaboration between our two labels. after some exchanges of ideas and talkings, we found the guidelines of the project : propose between a selection of the Dauw & Eilean Rec. music artists to choose 2 music artists from the other label and works with them on a piece of sounds.
here is the result of this project :
14 tracks, 15 music artists, 85 minutes of sounds spread on the two labels.


Artists involved : 

Aaron Martin, Danny Clay, David Andree, Dudal, Leigh Toro, Masaya Ozaki, Miguel Isaza, Monolyth & Cobalt, Ruhe, Sokkyo (Heine Christensen + Ciro Berenguer), Stijn Hüwels, The Humble Bee, Twincities, Wil Bolton.

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