Shirt Roundup #2: Back 2 Basics

Hello folks! Thanks for checking out another roundup of goodies. Today we are going to be focusing on Graphic Tee’s with simple yet stunning designs. Sometimes the biggest statements can be made with minimal expression, resulting in some very impressive pieces from these young designers. Please feel free to follow the links to more work, and pick up a shirt yourself to support the artists!

What other kinds of shirts do you guys want to see? Have you stumbled upon any wonderful artists lately?! We are always accepting submissions….


The Home in your Heart – by PAFF


A White Crateris – by Nireth


Silence – by Magdalla Del Fresto


Palm Tree – by Mark Ashkenazi


Twist – by Richard Vergez


Fish on Fur – by Mr and Mrs Quirynen


Cactus Cactus – by DapperFox


Turquoise and Pink Lace – by Gosia&Helena

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