Post Teen Drama, by Bad Kids to the Front


I have been recently recommended this album by the experimental and psychedelic rock band from Lawrence Kansas, Bad Kids to the Front, album by the title of “Post Teen Drama”. The band is made up of Drew Smith, Evan Herd, Mark Osman and Andrew Wacker. The album was released July 5th 2013, and recorded between January and June 2013.

So where do I begin with this album…. it is a wonderful example of modern psychedelica, incorporating staples like jangley guitars and washed out vocals, sounds at some times seem oppressive and turn a corner immediately to become soothing and melancholy. As soon as you are comfortable with what is happening, the band throws curveballs repeatedly to keep you on your toes. Jumping around from strange indie-styled jams to unique ambient compositions, and doing so with great ease. Someone listening without much background on what they are hearing might even assume this release to be a compilation or a sampler from several artists, just to give you an example of the breadth of their sonic ideas…

Moving onto the albums CONCEPT…. yes, like I learned long long ago from alternative rockers and prog-goons, a concept album can go two ways: Fantastically on point or absolute crash-and-burn. Luckily for these adventurous young musicians it works out surprisingly good!! Though the actual “concept” isn’t anything too far-fetched, it is easily found in each track. Painting a vivid image of angsty youths running around with their fast cars and short attention spans, indulging in rock n roll, drugs, women, and the strange feeling of being at the top of the world while at the same time being incredibly oppressed. Confusion, lust, relaxation and contemplation all find their places on this album as the tracks hop from one idea to the next.

I am not sure If I can pick out any songs as favorites, as they all differ so much from one another! There is also a fresh number of features on here from the likes of Karma Vision, Residual Ghosts and Riot Meadows, creating even more sonic variety in this collage of sounds. I would recommend anyone to give this album a good listen start to finish, and see what tickles your fancy. Overall, “Post Teen Drama” is a fantastic album that evokes quite interesting feelings and portrays a unique image, exactly what I enjoy!

Further credit info and album notes can be found on the albums bandcamp page!

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