℘ ◌ ṧ⊥➸℘♄ø⊥☮﹩ℌø℘, by DIY▲PYЯΛMID (Post-Photoshop, by DIY Pyramid)

Currently I am listening to and enjoying this fresh release from DIY PYRAMID titled “Post-Photoshop, and boy is this release DENSE. Released earlier this months August 8th via Ailanthus Recordings.

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Vermillion Pleasure Nights, by Politesse

Vermillion Pleasure Nights is a full-length album from producer Politesse in which he spins us a world of 13 tracks full of sonic wonder and exploration. Released in January 2013 via Woozy Tribe.

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Please enjoy this mix of tracks from the month of February, 2014. Eternity Tree is a multimedia project of Christopher Hoffmann Jacob, consisting of musical creation and curation, culture, design and art. SPREADING ROOTS began in 2013 as a blog featuring an endless list of musical recommendations, reviews, write-ups and visuals. In 2014, SPREADING ROOTS will begin a series of bi-monthly mixes featuring up and coming artists + producers. Good music makes the cut, genres are bent and re-defined, and wonderful energy gets a chance to present itself. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Be sure to stay in touch with ETERNITY•TREE for new mixes as well as plenty of other content.

Single Room Occupant, by Curt Crachrach

Tonight I am sitting down to listen to and enjoy (ideally!) the newest release from the crew at Ailanthus Recordings (A Living Room Vision), SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANT by Curt Crackrach.


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Catch My Mind Before it Runs Away, by Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble

Good morning goons! Lets unplug and enjoy some laid-back folk, hmm?! Currently gracing my ears is Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble‘s (fantastic group name BTW) latest and possibly first EP Catching My Mind Before it Runs Away. Fronted by Samuel Myers, a singer/songwriting with his own catalogue of tunes, CMMBiRA weighs in at 3 tracks around 12 minutes long. Released November 26th, 2013.

I have to say how pleased I am to be listening to this right now; I must admit I find myself listening to much less straight-forward groups and quite experimental albums, it is a breath of fresh air to get some simple quality songwriting!

A delicious combination of vocals, which carry just enough grit to give it a good dustbowl feeling, along with chiming rhythmic guitars, all tied together with a nice mix of drums and bass. Listed as an outfit of just 2 members, they have done a fantastic job of creating the illusion of a full band on stage.

Though brief, this is a wonderful experience i’d recommend to any music lover. I’ve been sensing a slight folk revival unfolding in the wake of dubstep and the rise of artists like Mumford & Sons, and if RRSE is any example of what can be done with this format and formula, I am all ears for whatever else gets churned out!

Listen/purchase: Catching My Mind Before It Runs Away by Ronald Reagan Sports Ensemble

Star Map, by Nevhar Anhar and Lost Trail

Here is something rather enjoyable; a split release from Nevhar Anhar and Lost Trail titledSTAR MAP, released via You Are Already Dead (catalogue number YAAD025) on July 17th 2013.


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HyperMedia ~P☯P~ , by 회사AUTO

Awesome, so here are some goodies for all of you. All you need to do is read this album cover and know that this release is from the goons over at FORTUNE500, then you should have a pretty good idea of the musical content. For those of you in the dark, I shall spell it out for you…


This is HyperMedia ~P☯P~ by 회사AUTO

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Post Teen Drama, by Bad Kids to the Front


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Hox, by Zalhietzli

Here are some sounds for you to enjoy.


This album HOX by Zalhietzli was recently brought to my attention. I did what I could to prepare myself to be sucked into the dronezone, posted up with some dark coffee to accompany the dark sounds. Hox did not disappoint, sometimes it even excited me to find nuances of quite interesting composition and sound usage.

Not everything within is pure drone, noise is a key component in making Hox work. The opening track takes you through quite a traditional noise piece, floating buzzes leading you here and there; the album switches gears on the second track, with dense organics and false stops to mess with your head (in the best way possible).

Tracks like “Lageri” makes one feel as if he is pressed against the side of a mountain with oppressive mechanical winds crashing upon him relentlessly. The tones build and collapse on each other until reaching a falloff, creating a sublime feeling of release and calm.

Zalhietzli’s use of sounds and composition  truly make this an enjoyable little release. The manipulation of sounds and energy is used properly to portray an environment of aggression yet resilience. The most intense track being the title track, “Hox”, however I recommend listening from track 1 all the way to the end to appreciate the full spectrum of noise construction and destruction.

Listen/purchase: Hox by Zalhietzli

After, by Nyetscape

Okay okay, I am a big fan of this cat and his output, but lets take this one from the top nice and fresh. 


After”, by Nyetscape, is an impressive record. From the beginning the listener is lulled into a sense of security and comfort with flowery synths and natural noises, spreading to more diverse territories with washed out beats and incredibly luscious melodies. 

The tracks themselves are but mere snippits into a very pixilated dream-world, weighing in at 2-3 minutes each; the 14 tracks spell out a true journey in every sense of the word… bringing familiar vibes to the table reminiscent of retro ambient/experimental, or the more risky side of The Flaming Lips? Whatever the direction “After” tries to steer you, it does so with incredible ease and creativity. 

Tracks like “SOFT MIND” and “Remember” harken to the likes of Vaporwave styles, yet maintains a distinct flavor of something altogether different. Most songs having some as-semblance of vocals whether pitched elsewhere or cleverly hidden in the mix, giving the whole release this ethereal quality of meandering thru empty plazas in some sort of peaceful post-apocalyptic suburb.

Start to finish, this album contains some seriously splendid ideas, cleverly executed to paint a truly abstract portrait of some bizarre American dream. My only wish is that the dream lasted longer…. ❤