Unusual Starter 3 // DMT​-​076, by SOUTH:!:AST CO ‘ J~sr.


With DMT Tapes FL getting some well deserved buzz recently, I have decided to take to the archives and explore the backlog a bit. Simply poking around my bandcamp collection after picking up the discography has always resulted in some wonderful listens and gems worthy of visiting again… So I have decided to dedicate some listening time to the impressive back catalog!

I will begin documenting these highlights on the blog – starting with the best starter, the Unusual Starter 3! Released March 23rd, 2015 – Unusual Starter 3 is described on the Bandcamp Page with few details – Another for the EP project of Floridamphetamine, SOUTH:!:AST CO ‘ J~sr. gives a clue to the creator and an opportunity to explore deeper projects.

The 3 tracks are incredibly lush and fuzzy, saturated and bizarre metallic frequencies and washed-out synths paint a vivid atmosphere. The overall style is thickly psychedelic, like a true DMT trip at 10:30 AM. The weight of the release rests on the first track, with its ominous and cavernous melody dripping around you. Honey Syrup functions well as a sweeping interlude before a breezy and mysterious outro…

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