Good morning internet! I am enjoying some deep web sounds this morning from none other than DIY▲PYЯΛMID, we have latest release from the Portland sound-constructor titled V O L U M Ξ T R I X X. Released May 19th 2014, it’s available via Illuminated Paths for cassette or digital download.


If I had to choose ONE word to describe V O L U M Ξ T R I X X, it would be gritty. The whole album flourishes around the twisted internet concept, tracks washed with acid and grapefruit juice until the samples are muddled past recognition. Chunky bass riffs accompany strange polyrhythms brought on by psuedo percussion and melodic runs. Tracks like LΞGACY or HORIZONTAL are absolutely haunting the way they swirl around your head, it takes a minute to get settled in but once you are, the music pours over you like sugar on strawberries.

These tracks are absolutely SOAKED. Dripping with web slime, V O L U M Ξ T R I X X pulls us on like Atreyu pulls Artax through the Swamp of Sadness. The good thing is we both make it out in time! The synthesizers on this record are phenomenal, when paired with the surreal and abstract sampling that spot the album, and they create a perfect soundscape to turn off and tune in to! Some of my favorite tracks from this album would have to be NΞTWORK or GPS, simply because of how playful they are they become standout tracks. The album on a whole benefits from being listened Start to Finish!

Now I am no stranger to the works of DIY▲PYЯΛMID, this album being a follow-up to last years “Post-Photoshop” masterpiece, and this project does not dissapoint! Its a hefty 14 tracks in length (including two BONUS tracks), with the whole album streaming via the artists bandcamp page. However, i’d recommend you go support the artist as well as the amazing record label by purchasing a copy of either the digital tracks or a cassette tape for home listening.

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