20XXビート, by WTCHDCTR


Tonight I am listening to some haunting and beautiful beats by WTCHDCTR, his latest EP titled “20XXビート” is 4 tracks of luscious and spaced out beats, soaked in reverb, dripping with style.

This project has a relaxed warmth to it that is quite pleasing to the ears. Swelling synthesizers rest behind the action in each song perfectly, creating quite the cosmic-soundscape to paint beats and melodies on top of. WTCHDCTR does this by means of intriguing vocal samples, tracks being motivated by trap style drums. There is minimal urgency in these tunes, and thats exactly what you want from something like this, perfect beats for a warm summer night. Slightly melancholy, whether by nostalgia or situation, only enhances the beauty.

The tracks maintain a fairly chill vibe, On My Mind being the obvious acception. However, even so the relaxed and spacey attitude is still there, in whispering synths paired with eerie vocal cuts. The deep bass lulls you inward, while the haunting melodies keep you hypnotized.

For what it is, “20XXビート” is a great little release. I feel like theres nothing I havent heard going on here, but in this instance it’s done so well! Though its only 4 tracks, you can pick this one up on Cassette via the bandcamp page. Also available for digital download, or stream it above! Whatever you do, enjoy!

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