HyperMedia ~P☯P~ , by 회사AUTO

Awesome, so here are some goodies for all of you. All you need to do is read this album cover and know that this release is from the goons over at FORTUNE500, then you should have a pretty good idea of the musical content. For those of you in the dark, I shall spell it out for you…


This is HyperMedia ~P☯P~ by 회사AUTO

First of all, like any good release in the “vapor” movement, this album is shrouded in mystery. Weighing in at 24 tracks (with some truly bizarre song titles), this album splashes deep within the subconscious of the internet. Lush and filled generously with samples from near and far, the tracks do a good job of working with each other, without sounding like one big glob of interweb phlegm.

HYPERMEDIA” features cuts of pure vapor, upbeat grooves and some DnB influences, but no matter what shape the music takes, it maintains an overall neo-eastern vibe. Picture yourself, if you can, as the only inhabitant of a recently opened luxury indoor mall in central Beijing, all alone and wandering indefinitely. Purely digital.

Pulsing with internet born-flavor, taking from yet adding to a strange new subculture all at the same time. The album artwork does a great job of providing some textual support for the psuedo-philosophical ideas of this “New Generation”. One needs simply read the text to get a more complete feeling of what is being aimed for in “HYPERMEDIA”. The most interesting bit of this whole culture is that its a style of media which praises all other styles of media, past present or future. Nothing is necessarily NEW here, nor does it need to be. It serves as a observation deck into the weird world of the internet, providing an interpretive 360° view of the joint.
Anyways, there is a fresh amount of features on here from the likes of Luxury Elite and LINCKOLN, and its all feel-good music. I definitely recommend this as some easy summer listening, great for lazy car rides or lonely late nights by the glow of the computer screen.
Download or stream the whole album via Bandcamp

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